STUDENT MINISTRY (ages 13 - College)

We believe that God is an exciting, life changing and transforming God, who loves to make a difference in the world through young people. We want to see each young person build friendships, encounter the love of God, be encouraged, changed and equipped to impact their world by God’s power.


theOutlet is our Thursday night youth group for young people aged 13-College, which meets from 7:30pm – 8:30pm. Your friends are always welcome to come along. We meet upstairs in the student sanctuary.


We meet with the youth ages 13-18 every Sunday morning at 11:00AM. Together we have fun and take a deeper look at God’s word.


For more information or to express an interest in getting involved in the youth work at Abundant Life Church, please get in touch via the button below.

KREW Childrens Ministry (ages 4-12)

Our children are an important part of the church and and we know we have a responsibility to equip and empower the future generations of our communities, grounding them in a relationship with Jesus and an understanding of the church.

1ST & 3RD SUNDAYS - KREW Service

KREW services happen the 1st and 3rd Sundays upstairs in the youth room. These services are high energy and spirit packed. Your kids will love it.


We meet with the youth aged 4-12 every Sunday morning at 11:00AM.


If you would like more information about KREW, please send us an email.

LIFE Classes

Welcome to Life More Abundant.

Our LIFE classes are for those who are interested in getting involved at Abundant Life Church. We encourage everyone to discover, develop and use their gifts to serve others. We always need help in every area of ministry, from the parking lot to the platform, there is a place for you to fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

Life More Abundant classes meet on Sundays at 11:00 AM. If you are looking for a greater relationship with Jesus Christ, contact us using the subject LIFE. We will send you the information you need to enroll in these classes and become a part of the Life Team at Abundant Life Church. The Life Team consists of volunteers who serve weekly in many areas of ministry.

  • Introduction to Abundant Life Church – Your pastor and you and the history of Abundant Life Church. You will leave this class with an insight on how the pastor-layperson relationship works and all the benefits of belonging to a growing, caring and dynamic church that follows the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • 101 Week One – The necessity of faith, praise and worship. We will explore the benefits of praise and worship. We will also learn to operate in the power of faith.
  • 101 Week Two – Freedom through repentance. We will also learn to forgive others, but most importantly how to forgive ourselves.
  • 101 Week Three – The Holy Spirit and Salvation. We will explore the New Birth Experience of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • 101 Week Four – We will dive into the Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit and learn to apply these to our daily lives.
  • 101 Week Five – We will learn how to live a Spirit filled life and how to begin to “Walk in the Spirit.” This will be an exciting, power-packed lesson on how to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and apply it to our lives every day.
  • 101 Week Six – Stewardship is more than money, it is an attitude and method of daily living. We are responsible for the talents and abilities God has given us.
  • 101 Week Seven – Bearing Fruit, we are fruit trees and should bear the fruit of a Christian. We are not just “occupying until Jesus returns!” We are supposed to be busy and engaged in the Kingdom.
  • 101 Week Eight – Our great God, who is He?
  • 101 Week Nine - The power of prayer, fasting and Bible reading. The importance of personal devotion, corporate worship and the strength of the body of Christ.
  • 201 Week One – The Strong Foundation – Building on the Rock. If the foundation is right, everything else will be solid.
  • 201 Week Two – Member and Guest Care – How to care for those who are new to Abundant Life and make them feel welcome.
  • 201 Week Three – Moderation – The key to everything in life is moderation.
  • 201 Week Four – Finances – Taking care of the things God has blessed us with.
  • 201 Week Five – Areas of available ministries; Praise Team, Praise Leader, Sunday school, Ladies, Men’s, etc.
  • 201 Week Six – It’s a Burden! – Ministry is not for the faint of heart; it’s a lot like work!
  • 201 Week Seven – Where do I fit in? Personality test and introduction into 201.1 and 301.
  • 201.1 Week One – 201.1 Week One – Put me in Coach!
  • 201.1 Week Two – I am here, now what?
  • 201.1 Week Three – Bind us Together
  • 201.1 Week Four – Positions – Skills Ministry Team
  • 201.1 Week Five – Positions – Support Ministry Team
  • 201.1 Week Six – Positions – Serve Ministry Team
  • 201.1 Week Seven – Where do I fit in?
  • 301 Week One – Which ministry fits me?
  • 301 Week Two – Common sense is sometimes uncommon.
  • 301 Week Three – Thats a great question.
  • 301 Week Four – Listening.
  • 301 Week Five – Critical thinking.
  • 301 Week Six – Time management.
  • 301 Week Seven – Planning and implementation.
  • 301 Week Eight – Organization and delegation.
  • 301 Week Nine - Motivation.
  • 301 Week Ten - Final.